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Body System Summary

I have had wonderful feedback from clients over the years.
This is a brief collection of some of those testimonials.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you did for my shoulder. I thought I would definitely require rotator cuff surgery. The pain was getting worse and was becoming unbearable. In one visit, you diagnosed the real source of the problem. I have had no pain whatsoever since following your advice.

- Lisa

Bob is very gifted in the field of natural health care. He has helped me and many people that I know regain a sense of balance and peace. I have learned from Bob that caring for the "whole being" is vital to all aspects of existence. In my quest for good health, I now feel confident that I have someone on my side who genuinely cares for me and my life. Bob is truly a gift to our society.

- Kristy



My wife and I had several various nagging ailments between the two of us and we have both seen a great improvement due to your recommended treatments. You have been very thorough and thoughtful through all of the testing and analysis. God has blessed you with an amazing gift.

- Ray & Debbie

When I met Bob, I was experiencing diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic headaches, stomach problems, bloating, swelling, wrinkled skin, stress, no energy, pains and aches just to mention a few. I was a mess! My quality of life was on the decline. After being attended to by Bob, my progress is amazing. My previous complaints are gone. My hospital blood test last month was perfect for the first time in 25 years. My diet consists of wholesome healthy foods for my blood type. I am eating more than I ever have yet my body is metabolizing the food beautifully so I continue to lose weight. I am no longer hungry or experiencing stomach distress. I have energy and bounce to my step. My skin looks hydrated and younger. Now when someone asks me "How do you feel?", I can honestly say "Just Great!" and mean it.

- Linda



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