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Body System Summary
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Tachyon Products

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Tachyonized materials that bring the Tachyon energy into the human organism and to our material life have tremendous therapeutic and self-healing potential. The Tachyonized materials that have been developed have been able to effectively eliminate the negative effects of AC currents as they go through electric blankets, juicers, blenders, televisions and computers.

When the Tachyonized silica discs cover all the breakers in the electrical breaker box, the entire house is protected, so one only needs a few discs for the whole house.

People are able to use the Tachyonized glass cells to achieve tremendous relief of pain in their body, or they may wear a Tachyonized cloth over larger parts of the body on a 24-hour basis, once again providing tremendous relief from chronic pain and energizing the system.

Tachyonized carriers, like Vitamin C, Klamath Lake Algae and Melatonin, are able to directly influence the health of targeted organs or glands.


There are tremendous clinical as well as preventative implications for Tachyonized materials. Therapists throughout the world, and particularly in the United States and Europe, have been using Tachyonized materials with great success since 1992.

Not only does it work well for humans, but it seems to activate and heal all life forms on the planet. The success stories are truly amazing and consistent. We stand on the brink of a whole new era of health care, which includes linking us up to the entire energetic continuum.

Opening the flow of the energetic continuum creates not only physical healing, it also helps rebalance, energize, and heal our spiritual existence. Blockages in all of the areas have the potential to be dissolved. Then, as the energy continually flows through the use of a Tachyonized antenna, strength and stamina are increased.

Mental blocks clear and concentration is enhanced. As the energetic continuum becomes free-flowing, our natural urge to evolve strengthens, as does the natural pull towards meditation, prayer and the increased desire to enhance our communion with the divine.

Disclaimer: This is a personal wellness ministry. These statements and procedures have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
These products and services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, mental state or illness.

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